Birth can be so many things for women, it can be positive or negative, healing or traumatizing. Whatever the experience there will always be a time of healing. Every woman's body which has given birth will go through a healing process. Whether she chooses to help her body along is a different matter.

Follow  the medical advice given to women after birth

We're all told by our health care professionals what we should do to help our bodies along. It's sage advice and pretty practical too. Things like, don't lift anything heavier than your baby, don't do any chores, let others work for you, rest as much as possible, eat healthy, drink lot's of fluids etc. etc. 

All of this should be followed as much as you are able. But I definitely know that stir crazy feeling. It happens around day 6 or 7 after birth. You feel generally fine, your starting to get used to being tired and also getting sick of just laying in bed.

That pile of laundry starts actually looking tempting. You get a twinge that says, "go fold some clothes". And before you know it you are slowly lumbering around the house trying to get "something done".

Resist my friend! Try to ignore it, watch some more shows and go to sleep. The lest you move around the better for your body!

Emotional Processing after birth

A very important part of postpartum healing is processing everything that happened. We need to allow our emotions to work through and not get stopped up inside. Personally my first birth was somewhat traumatizing and when I came home from the hospital I just cried and cried. It was an important part of the process. 

If you loved your birth experience go through it again, write it down, talk about it. If you had a terrible time, don't bottle it up and push it away. Let yourself mentally go through what happened, think of how it hurt you, and what you can do or might need to help heal from it. And then don't be afraid to ask for the help you need, or to forgive.

Your New Postpartum Body

There are definitely some women that bounce back to their bodies after birth. They are usually that ones that were very fit before and during pregnancy. Their bodies are able to stretch out and snap back to what they used to look like, albeit a little softer.

For the rest of us, we're most likely heavier, softer, wider and squisher after pregnancy. And especially after giving birth, our belly's are empty and very squishy. There are probably a few extra stretch marks too somewhere. The point being that it's going to look and feel different after having a baby and that could be disappointing or difficult to accept. 

Let her be. At least for the first few months, let your body, breathe easy and not worry about how she looks. It's hard I know, but well fitting and flattering clothes help, a lot. Wear whatever you think is the best looking on you and don't worry about how you look. There will be time to workout, to change your diet but not now. Postpartum is a time of nourishment and healing. Love your new body and she will love you back. 

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